Barbie Crystal Geology Set

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Recommended Age:
4-8 With Help from an adult

After finding inspiration to learn about crystals in a gem shop, Barbie™ and her friend visit a natural history museum. A geologist teaches them about the rock cycle and then takes their whole science class on a field trip to find and identify real mineral specimens. 

As you read the story, you can perform experiments alongside Barbie to learn about geology. Use special tools to excavate three real mineral specimens from a plaster block. Conduct mineral identification tests on them to find out what they are. Then, mount the mineral specimens onto rings you can keep and wear. Learn about the geological science of how minerals form, the rock cycle, and mineral identification tests.



  • Plaster Block
  • Pyrite Specimen
  • Amethyst Specimen
  • Quartz Specimen
  • Chisel Tool
  • Hammer/Pick Tool
  • Brush Tool
  • Large Mounting Plate for rings
  • Medium Mounting plate for rings
  • Small mounting plate for rings
  • Large Ring
  • Medium Ring
  • Small Ring
  • Sheet of adhesive double-sided tape
  • Toy safety glasses
  • 16 page, illustrated storybook and experiment manual