Mortar & Trowel Teifoc Brick & Mortar Building Kit

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TEI902 & TEI996101
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 Designed to teach children the basics of brick and mortar building

  • Bricks are baked at high temperatures, just like bricks used on real houses
  • Mortar dissolves in water, so kids can build and rebuild


With the Teifoc supplementary Cement Mortar packs you can build every Teifoc model again and again! Teifoc is a unique build and play system that uses real reusable bricks to create fun and elaborate structures and creations. The cement is safe and soluble in water so that the bricks can be reused again and again. The Cement bag gives you extra mixing cement so you can continue to create your marvelous structures! Teifoc is totally safe and adequate for children. To dissolve the cement, leave the building in water for 2 hours. Then rinse the bricks, leave them to dry, and start all over again using new cement. 1kg


Teifoc Masonry Trowel is an apt tool for little architects and builders. The point-nosed trowel can be used on brickwork for leveling, spreading and shaping mortar or concrete. The shape of the blade is ideal for smoothing small patches in concrete. Children can create elaborate and structures with the help of reusable bricks.



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