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The Skate Park highlights the physics of skateboarding with a half-pipe, stair descent, rail slide and … a jump! Yes, the marbles get air!

About the Kit

The Skate Park features classic ramps, stunts and obstacles found at, well, a skate park! A multi-gear lift gets your marbles into position at which point a randomizer allows them to take one of two paths. Some marbles descend on the half-pipe while others take a more direct route – the jump! Next marbles either take the stairs or the rail (radical!) before completing the circuit.

The Skate park is the second module in this series of interconnecting marble machines. This module can stand on its own or adjoin the Dragon Coaster module to allow circulation of marbles between the two. Add the Maltese Cross and Amazing Race modules (coming) to make a quartet. Each kit is constructed from laser-cut wooden parts using nothing more than household white glue. The Skate Park has over 80 wooden parts and is hand-cranked or (optionally) powered by an electric motor (sold separately).

This Kit’s STEM Lesson

In the graphic novella that accompanies this kit, Kelvin and Newt are tearing it up at the skate park…but they are struggling with some tricks. Joule, an avid snowboarder, has some ideas and suggestions for how they can improve. Through this interaction readers are introduced to two new physics concepts…projectile motion (motion of an object under the influence of gravity) and centripetal force (which acts on objects moving in a circular path).

Learning Together

The Skate Park is a rewarding project designed to be performed alone or with a parent (depending on age and ability) in a series of bite-sized sit-downs. Our hope is that you and your child will look forward to carving out an hour each night, after dinner, to share some maker time together! Each day’s “build” ends at a logical point in the construction. You can set things aside and easily pick up later or power through if you’re just having too much fun!

STEM Concepts:

Projectile Motion, Centripetal Force

Build Time:

4-5 hours in 5 hour-long ‘sit-downs’

Tools Required:

White Glue

Level of Difficulty:


Connects With:

Marbleocity Dragon Coaster

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