Transporter with 3 Modarri Cars

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Our Modarri Haul ‘Em Car Transporter employs a real hydraulics system, includes 3 cars (Blue S1, Red/Gray X1, White T1) and can fit up to 8 cars for fun playing, as well as convenient storage! The transporter features real mechanics for the car ramps that act just like the real thing. Not only is this a great play set that will provide endless hours of entertainment, it is also a great way to store and showoff your cars!

Right out of the box, each Transporter includes 3 unique cars that kids can customize to make their car their very own! With this
complete set, your child can use their imagination to play with each car and the transporter, with or without the detachable trailer!

SET INCLUDES: Modarri Haul ‘Em Car Transporter, 3 Cars (2015 S1, X1, T1) and Endless Fun!
– Truck and Detachable Trailer
– 3 Cars (2015 S1, X1, T1)
– 3 Car Hoods and Fenders
– 3 Car Frames
– 3 Car Chassis
– 1 Seat per Car
– 4 Wheels per Car
– 2 Suspensions per Car