Vampire's Castle Escape Puzzle

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While on summer holiday in Romania, you extend a hike by taking a side trip into the mountains. At the edge of the road you notice a small, interesting-looking path and follow it. Zou arrive at piece of high ground you catch sight of a ruined old castle in a patch of woodland. As an experienced explorer and adventurer, you cannot miss this opportunity to check it out. With an effort, you manage to open the heavy door and slip inside. The door falls shut behind you with a loud bang. Piece together the 759 pieces and solve the hidden riddles to solve your way out of this Vampire Castle before it is too late!

The escape room concept is now available as a Ravensburger Puzzle!  It's up to you to put the puzzle together, find the mysteries and solve them all.  Will you be able to solve all the mysteries and find the "last" puzzle piece?  A mysterious illustration plunges puzzlers and players into a mystifying world where it is all about finding the "escape"!  The box contains a puzzle with 759 perplexing pieces, one set of instructions and an envelope with the answers!

759 Pieces

Ages 12+