BMW R 90 S Flat Twin Motor Engine Kit


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Product Overview

Build your own working BMW R90S Flat Twin Motorcycle engine model from 1973

The BMW R 90 S is a motorcycle icon of the 1970s. When it was launched in 1973, it was one of the fastest production motorcycles of its time. With the FRANZIS engine kit you can experience the technology of the legendary two-wheeler up close! Build a transparent functional model of the unit and experience absolute fascination with technology!

  • True-to-original, transparent functional model on a scale of 1:2
  • 200-part kit: just plug and screw – assemble without glue
  • Original engine sound thanks to integrated sound module
  • Including high-quality accompanying book with 120 pages including detailed building instructions
  • Official BMW licensed product


The transparent functional model as a kit is an absolute highlight for all technology and motorcycle fans. With around 200 plastic components, you can plug and screw together your own motorcycle boxer engine within about three to four hours. No gluing is necessary – a pleasant model building experience is guaranteed!

The functional model is movable: the crankshaft, cylinder and pistons work in realistic interaction as in the large prototype. The ignition sparks in the cylinders are simulated by LEDs. Thanks to the transparent design, you can understand the structure, functionality and mechanics of the two-cylinder engine on a scale of 1:2, first during assembly, then from the outside during movement. The highlight is the detailed and shiftable 5-speed transmission.


In addition, a sound module with a sound recording of the original engine is integrated in the functional model. At the touch of a button, you can bring the detailed replica of the motorcycle boxer engine to life. If you love motorcycles, you will be thrilled by this kit!

The BMW R 90 S is one of the most fascinating motorcycles on our roads. It was launched in 1973 and thrilled motorcycle fans right from the start. It was one of the fastest production motorcycles of its time and the top model of the famous "Stroke Six" series from the Bavarian motorcycle manufacturer.

A special feature of the series was the transmission – for the first time, BMW equipped its motorcycles with a 5-speed gearbox. The top model, the R 90 S, impressed its drivers above all with its sporty character. Numerous important race victories testify to the well thought-out and powerful concept of the motorcycle and its boxer engine.


The Franzis kit brings the famous two-cylinder boxer engine of the R 90 S to your desk as a transparent functional model on a scale of 1:2. Plug and screw the model together and experience the detailed interaction of the 5-speed gearbox with the engine.

For all technology and motorcycle fans, the kit is an absolute highlight. First, assemble your own model step by step and then experience how the individual components work. The assembled engine model is also an eye-catcher due to its elegant design! Show that you are an engineer!


• Original engine sound thanks to integrated sound module

• Transparent housing for a fascinating view inside

• Crankshaft, pistons, cylinders, shiftable 5-speed gearbox ... Everything moves

• Ignition sparks are simulated with LEDs

• With pedestal for setting up

• Model dimensions: approx. 31.5 cm length x 33 cm width x 26 cm height

The engine of the BMW R 90 S is a flagship of German engineering. Elegant and powerful, it drove the BMW top model to top performance. Experience the fascination of engine technology and give yourself or your loved ones a present. Thanks to the transparent design, you can understand how the legendary unit works!

The kit includes a high-quality, two-part companion book with 120 large-format pages, which was created exclusively for the functional model. On the first 60 pages you will learn exciting background knowledge about BMW motorcycle history, the boxer engine and the BMW R 90 S.

Thanks to numerous illustrations and graphics, you will get an even more intensive insight into the origin and success story of the legendary two-wheeler.


Topics of the accompanying book:

• BMW Motorrad and the boxer engine

• The boxer engine as a universal genius

• The BMW series /5, /6 and /7

• The BMW R 90 S – the first BMW Superbike

• The BMW R 90 S in racing

• The BMW Motorrad boxer engine today

In the second part of the accompanying book, you will learn on 60 pages how to build the kit. Step by step, the detailed and consistently illustrated instructions lead comprehensibly through the construction of the model.


The approximately 200 parts can be assembled into a functional boxer engine for your desk in around three to four hours.

  • The accompanying book is bilingual German-English.
  • Model dimensions: approx. 31.5 cm length x 33 cm width x 26 cm height
  • Additionally required: 3 x 1.5V batteries (type AA)
  • Not suitable for children under 14 years!

Aprox Scale 1:2

200 Pieces

Additionally required: 3 x 1.5v batteries (AA) not included

Ages: 14+










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