Le-Glue Non-Permanent Building Block Glue 2oz

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Product Overview

Le-Glue is a Non-Permanent glue that's Strong, Non-Toxic and won't damage your blocks. It is a water soluble adhesive designed to hold your plastic building blocks together. Le-Glue works with all types of building blocks. Simply dip a block and stick it in place, it's that easy to use. Best of all; Le-Glue releases easily with warm water returning your blocks to new condition leaving no residue. 


  • Keep Kids Happy with Easy to Use Temporary Brick Glue – No More Messy Break-Ups! – Cleans Up Easily

  • The Only Non-Permanent Glue Designed Specifically for Brick Building. Won’t Damage Bricks, Saves Replacement Costs

  • Holds Bricks 12x Stronger – Easily Dissolves in Warm Water, Leaves No Residue

  • Made In The USA – Non-Toxic – Natural Ingredients – Bitter Taste Added For Child Safety

  • Design and Build Like a Professional – Perfect For Competitive Brick Building or Model Making