NASCAR Track With Car Modarri

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Product Overview

Build your own NASCAR-styled race track! This kit has incredible value, featuring 13 pieces of soft yet durable foam track, an assortment of racing accessories, and an entire car with an additional hood and fender for extra customization!

The soft, durable foam is quickly and easily snapped together to design your own custom track!

Contents included:
——13 pieces of quality EVA foam track
-6 pieces of curved foam track
-5 pieces of straight foam track
-2 pieces of Y-shaped foam track
——16 pieces of racing accessories
-8 soft orange racing cones
-8 hard interlocking racing barriers 
——-13 Interchangeable Modarri car parts
-4 Wheels
-2 Suspensions
-1 Chassis
-1 Seat
-2 Fenders
-2 Hoods
-1 Metal Frame
-1 swivel-tipped hex screwdriver

-1 Sticker Sheet

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