Porsche 911 Boxer Motor Engine Kit


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Product Overview

Build your own working Porsche 911 Boxer 6 cylinder engine model

Build your own classic air-cooled 6-cylinder engine model from 1966! PORSCHE 911 as a transparent functional model on a scale of 1:4.

  • Faithful functional model
  • Parts in new colors, many of them in metallic look
  • High-quality speaker for powerful boxer sound
  • Sound module now with audio output for external speakers
  • Greatly reduced mechanical noise

With the screwed and plugged functional model, the heart of the original 911 becomes tangible and a special personal experience.

The high-quality kit was made according to original drawings and consists of 290 partly movable individual parts.

 The plastic components are screwed or plugged in for assembly and guarantee a pleasant model building experience – without gluing. In this way, the crankshaft, pistons and valves move together true to the original. The transparent housing parts make the mechanics of the boxer engine visible and comprehensible from the outside.

Even the ignition sparks in the cylinders are simulated with LEDs.

Experience the engine with all your senses! See the valves open and close, see the crankshaft rotate precisely, close your eyes and hear the original engine sound, feel the vibrations you know from the popometer!


+ Sound module with original boxer sound

+ Transparent housing for a fascinating view inside

+ Camshaft controlled via timing belt

+ Simulated ignition spark

+ Functioning ignition distributor

+ Driven impeller

+ Platform to set up

More than 290 components show the structure and functionality of the million-seller in great detail. And everything works at the touch of a button: the ignition sparks light up, the pistons move sideways back and forth, and the characteristic sound of the engine, which has mobilized generations of craftsmen, tradesmen and freedom lovers, can be heard.

Engine block, camshaft, pistons, valves, distributors, ignition cables – this kit contains everything a functional engine kit must have! The high-quality workmanship of the individual components ensures long-term functional reliability.

Best of all, you don't have to glue or paint anything!

• Model dimensions: approx. 9.5"x12.6"x11"

Aprox Scale 1:4

290 Pieces

Additionally required: 3 x 1.5v batteries (AA) not included

Ages: 14+










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