Dragon Coaster Maker Kit Tinkineer Marbleocity

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Take a ride on the Dragon Coaster! Construct your own wooden roller coaster full of dips and turns with some engineering and physics thrown in.

About the Kit

The Dragon Coaster was inspired by the real wooden roller coaster of the same name, located at Playland in Rye, NY. Marbleocity kits are made of Baltic Birch plywood – a perfect match for this classic wooden roller coaster model.

The Dragon Coaster is the first in a series of interconnecting modular ‘marble machines.’  Each kit is constructed from laser-cut wooden parts using nothing more than household white glue.  The Dragon Coaster consists of over 80 wooden parts and is hand-cranked or (optionally) powered by an electric motor (sold separately).

This Kit’s STEM Lesson

From a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning perspective the roller coaster is a classic classroom tool used to communicate lessons about conservation of energy.  Each Marbleocity kit ships with an associated graphic novella which features the Tinkineer cast of characters.  In Dragon Coaster, join Kelvin, Joule and Iggy as they head to Playland where Iggy unwittingly stumbles into an opportunity to learn about roller coaster design and the physics therein.

Learning Together

The Dragon Coaster is a rewarding project designed to be performed alone or with a parent (depending on age and ability) in a series of bite-sized sit-downs. Our hope is that you and your child will look forward to carving out an hour each night, after dinner, to share some maker time together! Each day’s “build” ends at a logical point in construction. You can set things aside and easily pick up later or power through if you’re just having too much fun!

STEM Concepts:

Conservation of Energy, Potential & Kinetic Energy

Build Time:

4-5 hours in 5 hour-long ‘sit-downs’

Tools Required:

White Glue

Level of Difficulty:


Connects With:

Marbleocity Skate Park

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