Mini Skate Park Maker Kit Tinkineer Marbleocity

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A Skate Park for the beginner Maker! We’ve put a lot of physics action into a small space, including a stair descent, rail slide and … a jump! Yes, the marbles get air!

About the Kit

The Mini Skate Park has the same STEM lesson as the larger Skate Park, but in a shorter less-complex project. A multi-gear lift gets your marbles into position to take the jump before hitting the stairs and rail slide. This Skate Park is designed for the beginner Tinkineer and can be completed in about an hour.

The Mini Skate Park has over thirty laser cut wood parts. The “Mini” is hand-cranked and does not require a battery to run. Nor are tools required for assembly! The only thing you need to get started on this fun maker experience is household white glue.

This Kit’s STEM Lesson

In the graphic novella that accompanies this kit, Kelvin and Newt are tearing it up at the skate park…but they are struggling with some tricks. Joule, an avid snowboarder, has some ideas and suggestions for how they can improve. Through this interaction readers are introduced to two new physics concepts…projectile motion (motion of an object under the influence of gravity) and centripetal force (which acts on objects moving in a circular path).

STEM Concepts:

Centripetal force, Gravity, Momentum

Build Time:

1 hour

Tools Required:

White Glue

Level of Difficulty:


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