Alien Meteorite Excavation I Dig It! Excavation Kit

Thames & Kosmos

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Product Overview

Who’s ready to dig for … aliens?! In this new, playful take on the classic dig-out kit, you’ll chisel your way through a meteorite model to find a rocketship capsule containing one of 12 sticky alien figures as well as some oozy slime! But how did the aliens get inside the meteorites? The story goes that on their way to explore deep space, a small crew of aliens entered a mysterious gas cloud, which quickly hardened around their slime-filled spaceships. These hard meteoroids then crashed into Earth, and now’s your chance to put your excavation skills to good use to discover the alien pods. After excavating, you can fling the alien at a window and watch it crawl down! In addition to instructions and tips for excavating, the 12-panel manual shares some funny characteristics of each alien. Includes plastic chisel tool.

Ages 5+

contents: 1 Alien Meteorite & chisel tool