Dynamic Stop & Go Fischertechnik PROFI Marble Run


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Product Overview

Add on accessory.


Stop & go - a short pause, and the marbles already can be released again to zoom through the marble run. With this expansion set, two stop points can be constructed, with the guidance of the building instructions. The stop points can be operated manually, and can be creatively integrated into the pre-built marble run. With this set, the existing marble runs can be enhanced and the play value increased. Includes 4x flex-rails 90, various add-on elements (angular blocks, angular girders etc.). An ideal addition to all construction sets in the dynamic line.

  • Expansion set with 45 pieces
  • Build 2 manually operated stop points with the guidance of the building instructions
  • Can be creatively integrated into pre-built marble runs
  • Young engineers also have plenty of scope for making many other courses according to their own ideas
  • All sets are fully compatible and easily combined
  • For ages 7 years and up



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