Number Rods Kids First Math Kit

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Time after time, experience shows that learning by manipulating physical objects with one’s own hands — learning by doing things firsthand, rather than being told about them or reading about them in a book — is extremely effective. Thames & Kosmos has a long history of incorporating this principle into science education.  The Kids First Math line, a series of nine hands-on kits with activity cards or lesson guides designed to demonstrate and teach concepts in mathematics, as well as other skills such as logical thinking, problem solving, and creative thinking.

Kids First Math: Number Rods Math Kit with Activity Cards

+ A set of 250 colorful plastic rods of varying lengths

+ Used to develop skills in counting, sorting, sequencing, graphing, pattern recognition, measuring, and basic mathematical operations

+ Durable plastic for long-term use and easy cleaning

+ Includes 100 1x1x1-cm white cubes, 30 2x1x1-cm red rods, 20 3x1x1-cm gray rods, 20 4x1x1-cm pink rods, 20 5x1x1-cm yellow rods, 15 6x1x1-cm green rods, 12 7x1x1-cm black rods, 12 8x1x1-cm brown rods, 11 9x1x1-cm blue rods, 10 10x1x1-cm orange rods, 5 activity cards, plastic storage box