Taliesin West The Atom Brick

The Atom Brick

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Taliesin West The Atom Brick




The Atom Brick is 3/4 the size of “standard” building bricks. This size allows for more details to be represented in models while still allowing for ease of handling for builders




In 1937, Frank Lloyd Wright purchased 160 acres of what would later expand to over 600 acres, at the foot of the McDowell Mountains outside of Scottsdale, Arizona. Here he, along with his family and fellows of his school established their winter retreat over the course of 22 years. They named it Taliesin West, distinguishing it from his residence in Wisconsin, known simply as Taliesin.




“Taliesin” is Welsh for “shining brow” and the Taliesin West The Atom Brick set showcases the dynamic angles of the roof lines and floor plans of the campus. Builders gain an understanding of the land and structures that compromise the home and school in Scottsdale.




Age: 14+




Pieces: 1763




Built Product Dimensions: 8" W x 13" L x 2.5" H