Tecti Kinetic Building System

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Product Overview

Cubes with tectonic moves! TECTI presents a turning point in building toys with an innovative kinetic building system. With TECTI, people can build kinetic structures out of interlocking, movable cubes. Each cubotic structure shifts into different shapes with tectonic-like movement thanks to built-in hinges. Love a certain shape? Lock your creation in place with a keystone - a single cube to insert into your structure to prevent it from moving. Or keep exploring how your TECTI shifts and what you can create next! TECTI is scalable, modifiable, and easy to disassemble to create the next big thing. When you’re ready for more, combine kits to build bigger superstructures! Assembly required.
 TECTI introduces a game-changing evolution in construction toys. TECTI empowers individuals to craft more than 50 dynamic structures using interconnected, mobile cubes. Each cubotic design seamlessly transforms into diverse shapes through the ingenious, patented built-in hinges of TECTI. If you have a favorite configuration, secure it in position with a keystone – a single cube that firmly holds your creation. Or continue your journey of discovery and see what new designs you can bring to life!
  • 44 Single Plates
  • 20 Double Plates
  • 6 Keystone Plates

Build over 20 structures with 4-12 cubes

Structures move and transform with built in hinges

Scalable and modifiable

Easy to Disassemble

Combine sets to build superstructures

Ages 12+

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