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TRACTOR wooden mechanical model will even drive over stones! Stand-alone glueless assembly – 3D puzzle.


People with stubborn, strong-willed characters are often compared to tractors. “It runs like a tractor,” that is, it does everything to overcome obstacles. Wooden City’s TRACTOR travels easily on uneven ground! Just add it to your collection and give it a try! Wooden machines by Wooden City are a real find! After all, our TRACTOR has a chassis and large rubber all-terrain wheels. Collect this machine with your children, put a toy “tractor driver” on the seat and you can pretend to be a farmer! You can gather together a couple of tractors and run farm races over uneven surfaces. Who is the winner? You! The thoughtful design of our tractor is apparent in its details: dashboard, ribbed steering wheel, bucket hanging on a hook. A model that runs on gears. Our TRACTOR wooden construction kit is a worthy addition to your collection 3D puzzles. This model, assembled without adhesives, is for true connoisseurs!


  • Made from Eco-Friendly birch plywood
  • No Glue required to assemble
  • Assembled model size: 
  • Model size in a package: 
  • Number of parts: 164
  • Approximate time to assemble: 4 Hours
  • Not Recommend for children under 14


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