Porsche Carrera Racing Type 547 4 Cylinder Boxer Motor Engine Kit


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Product Overview

Build your own working Porsche Carrera Racing Engine Classic type 547 4 Cylinder Boxer engine model

The Carrera 547 racing engine is a legend of the Porsche sports car manufacturer. This technical masterpiece drove vehicles such as the 356 or 550 Spyder to numerous race victories in the 1950s and 1960s, thus laying the foundation for the Porsche legend. With this package, you can build a transparent functional model of the four-cylinder boxer engine from 1953 in around six hours.

  • More than 300 components
  • True-to-original functional model on a scale of approx. 1:3
  • Original engine sound thanks to integrated sound module
  • Just plug and screw – assemble without gluing
  • With high-quality accompanying book including detailed construction instructions

The transparent functional model as a kit was developed according to original drawings together with the Porsche Museum. The more than 300 plastic components, some of which are movable, can be assembled and screwed together into your own Carrera racing engine within around six hours. No gluing is necessary – a pleasant model building experience is guaranteed!


The vertical shafts, pistons and valves move in real interaction. Even the ignition sparks in the cylinders are simulated by LEDs.

The transparent housing parts make the mechanics of the motor and the motor structure visible and comprehensible from the outside.


The integrated sound module with original Porsche engine sound is another highlight of this detailed replica of the technical masterpiece from Zuffenhausen.

The Type 547 Carrera racing engine was Porsche's first engine developed specifically for racing. The development team under the direction of Ernst Fuhrmann designed this revolutionary unit with a special focus on a compact design and at the same time great robustness.

The initial 110 hp and 1.5 litre displacement of the boxer engine have driven various Porsche racing cars to numerous legendary successes since 1953.


The Carrera racing engine kit brings the vertical shaft motor type 547 as a transparent functional model on a scale of approx. 1:3 on your desk. With the screwed and plugged model, the functionality of the legendary Fuhrmann engine becomes tangible – a fascinating technology project for young and old.

Treat yourself to a piece of Porsche racing history for your home! First assemble the engine, and then marvel at the richness of detail and how the vertical shafts and valves work. Show your family and friends that you're an engineer and get started!


+ Original motor sound thanks to integrated sound module

+ Transparent housing for a fascinating view inside

+ Vertical shafts, pistons, valves ... Everything moves

+ Ignition sparks are simulated with LEDs

+ With pedestal to set up


- Model dimensions: 275 mm width x 280 mm height x 270 mm depth
- Motor model designed and developed by John Anson.
- Additional required: 3x 1.5V batteries (type AA)
- Not suitable for children under 14 years!

Aprox Scale 1:3

300 Pieces

Additionally required: 3 x 1.5v batteries (AA) not included

Ages: 14+










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